Language Testing and Assessment – an advanced resource book, Glenn Fulcher and Fred Davidson, Routledge Applied Linguistics, 2007

language testing and assessment

I started reading this book, but then stopped after the first section.

At over 400 pages, and some ten years more current than the other books on testing that I’ve summarized so far, this title is a nice addition to the field of language testing study. It  considers how testing terms and concepts are presented in prior literature and goes into much more academic depth in discussing their meaning and significance. It also reminded me how there are some terms that haven’t been satisfactorily explained by some of the other books I’ve read so far – such as construct validity and concurrent validity, and which I need to seek more clarity on. However, it quickly became clear that the content of this book is arguably more suited to a Master’s candidate reader than a Delta reader, and because time is limited, I am therefore putting this book away for the time being. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to come back to it in the future, as I think it freshens the debate.