Flashy Flashcards


Image source: myself

I’m aware that for Delta Module 1 you need to be sure of a lot of terms and definitions and provide examples of them, so I thought I’d follow in Sandy Millin’s footsteps to get myself a set of flashcards. I ordered a set of 100 from Amazon (although the rate I’m going, I’m reckoning I’m going to need at least 200). Sandy does it better than me in that she provides the terms on one side, and then a definition, example, and further info on the back. I’ve got my ‘testing and assessment’ set done as that’s where I’m at with reading at the moment, and I feel I’ve ended up with sometimes a not overly clear or lengthy explanation of terms, and I haven’t included examples, as I’m going to venture to wing those on the spot.

Now I’ve got to learn to become dedicated to actually using these flashcards…

Sandy mentions using Quizlet, which is an app to make your own digital flashcards. I personally like to do revision with old-fashioned pen and paper, as looking at bright screens and holding a device for long periods of time feels uncomfortable, and I find that not as much goes in if I’m trying to review terms or read from a screen.